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We have analysed, structured and coded the latest version of a number of EU legislations (level 1, level 2 and level 3) such as Solvency II, CRD IV and MiFID II. The clearcompliance platform takes the guesswork out of implementation of regulatory requirements, while keeping your implementation project on track. The platform offers you consistent and traceable views to the regulatory requirements and definitions across different regulatory levels. This structured, transparent and traceable regulatory insight can be used to translate those requirements into your company specific internal policies and operational guidelines. 


The clearcompliance platform enables you toLaw Policy Cycle

  • reduce the risk of fragmented implementation of regulatory requirements;
  • create a significant regulatory visibility from the regulatory source to the internal business processes;
  • reduce structurally the cost of making and maintaining policies;
  • increase firm's agility in face of continuous external regulatory changes; 
  • speed up the process of evidence gathering in case of supervisory information requests;
  • improves the quality and governance of policies through their direct linking to the external regulatory source.  


We can help you to confidently navigate through regulatory change in your environment. We offer you an unprecedented level of transparency and consistency that is simple, clear and cost effective: from requirement assessment all the way to reporting and everything in between. 

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